Our Menu

Lunch Direct provides menus that meet or exceed all USDA guidelines for The Child and Adult Care Food Program. Lunch Direct will offer one or more menu alternatives for each day based on the local caterer and the needs of the school... Choice. The food is delivered hot to the school every day.

After signing in and selecting your student an intuitive order menu is presented showing the menu items for each day of the month. The preschool (* toddler) student will receive 1 1/2 oz (* 1 1/4) of meat (or vegetarian option), 1/2 cup (* 1/4) of fruit, 1/2 cup (* 1/4) of vegetables, 1 slice (* 1/2) of bread [Note: in some markets either milk or juice may be provided, 3/4 cup (* 1/2)]. 


Sample Menu

Sample Vegetarian Menu