Serving up Helpful Hints from Chef Alfredo

We always enjoy hearing from our parents and schools. 

However, if you are in need of help, you may want to first try our most common self serve Helpful Hints. They provide help on various topics. Each topic has a document  with help available. 

Just select the one you want. (please wait for the document or video to load):


 QUICK-START (popular)

 DELETE Paid Days   (popular) [MAC = COMMAND "pretzel" key for CTL]

 REFUND Policy  

 REFUND Policy School_Closure 

 REFUND Missing Meal  

 REFUND Sick Days  

 LATE ORDERS   (popular) nominal charge 

 Launch Lunch Direct 

 Enroll Family

 Add Student to Account  

 Change Student's Data

 Order Lunches 

 Change Classroom   

 Forgot My Password (popular)  


 Credit Cards

 Order History

 Why Lunch Direct


 Menu Availability

 Lunch Direct Features

 Monthly Order Reminders